My Story – short version

I’ve gone through my memory bank, & I clearly remember that I have always wanted to be involved with art. All kids drew while they were growing up, but I revelled in being able to draw & create anything with just a pencil & some paper. I’ve been blessed with my creativity as I’ve achieved some awards throughout my schooling in art, so wanting to follow through & study further in the art field was a no-brainer.

I have pretty much done & been involved in all forms of design, thinking that I need to be mastering every area! Not the case, I can tell you!
Yes, I have learnt a tremendous amount, but I realised that I need to focus on what I enjoy the most, have a passion for & be able to supply the best solution to help people’s ideas become a reality.

If you are part of a big company, or small business or want to create your own personal “Brand” this is the space I love being in, because it’s where we can Create, Innovate, Collaborate & most of all Be Cool!

I dig that slogan as it encompasses everything I’m about. I can do the work for you, but I need your input to make it happen to achieve your goals.

Pete of PetePeculiar

My Resume


Pretoria Technikon

Diploma in Fine Arts & Graphic Design.

Open Window Art Academy

Diploma in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography & DTP Design.


Sappi Pica Award for Excellence in Magazine Design

FHM Magazine 2001.


Freelance Designer

Creator, Innovator, Collaborator & All Round Cool Guy!

Specialising in Brand Design & Development which involves setting up all Digital Platforms. No matter what the size your business or project may be, I can assist you from initial idea to getting your brand out into the World!

ASG Sport Solutions, Ftech South Africa

DESIGNER / Brand Assistant

Cycling Sport Garment Design, Layout & Print Production.

So-Innovations Graphic Design Studio

Art Director & Owner

Concept Development, Design, Marketing. In-Store Branding, Ad Campaigns, Magazine Layout & Design.

Faction Media Productions

Head Designer

Design, Layout & Setup of AbouTime, Heritage & Sunrise Magazines.

FHM Magazine

Layout Designer

Layout & Design, Section Editor (Games), Image Retouching, Visual Assistant & Magazine Promotional Ad Design.

What I’ve Learnt & How it Will Help You!

  • Branding
  • communication
  • graphic design
  • layout design
  • Logo design + development
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • divi
  • ecommerce
  • wordpress
  • html + css
  • seo
  • social media
  • web design + development

My Cool Customers!

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Encoscope Partner Logo grey
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Ready to Start Your Project?

So! What are you waiting for?
Let me be the Creative solution to your “Branding” project, idea & journey.

My Portfolio

Browse through a few examples of my work. Please keep coming back as I will be updating regularly.

My Services

Let's create something freakin awesome! New Brand creation or reworking your existing Brand.


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Let's Create,
Collaborate &
Most Of All Be Cool!

Aaawwh Right!!!
I Dig Gradients & White Space!

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